Dog Suddenly Leaves Owner at Airport, Surprisingly Comforts Grieving Stranger

Dog Suddenly Leaves Owner at Airport, Surprisingly Comforts Grieving Stranger

A corgi has recently gone viral after it suddenly left is owner at the airport to comfort a grieving stranger sitting a few feet away.

Madison Palm and her pet corgi, Cora, live in Coeur d’Alene, a city in northwest Idaho. The two were waiting for their plane at the Seattle–Tacoma International Airport early this month when Cora just left Madison’s side, walked a few feet away, and just plopped down in front of a stranger.

Photo credit: Madison Palm / Facebook

This was rather strange for Madison because Cora never really leaves her side; the dog even appeared to be ‘talking’ first with the man before plopping down by his side.

Cora quietly tiptoed away from me during our crazy long layover and plopped herself right next to a complete stranger. He gave her scratches, told her how cute she was, and proceeded to take a photo of her,” Madison wrote in a post on Facebook.

Photo credit: Madison Palm / Facebook

While this seemed like just another random moment at the airport, with a bored dog trying to do something else than follow her owner around (LOL does that happen?), the story would take a deeper, more beautiful meaning when Madison revealed what the stranger told her later.

Photo credit: Madison Palm / Facebook

He also shared with us that he lost his beloved dog the night before. I’ve never had a doubt that Cora can sense those who are hurting and those who need companionship and love. She is a natural born therapy dog in every way. I am so blessed to call her my dog,” the proud owner revealed.

It is amazing how Cora had sensed the stranger’s grief even though he was sitting some distance from them. It’s a puzzle but it seems that dogs really feel empathy, too. What’s more incredible is that the stranger had just lost his dog.

Photo credit: Madison Palm / Facebook

Perhaps Cora was able to catch a whiff of the late dog’s scent on the man or maybe its ‘spirit’ was also traveling along with its master? What a strange but lovely idea…

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