Teacher in Ghana Draws ‘Screenshots’ on Board Because School is Too Poor for a Computer

Teacher in Ghana Draws ‘Screenshots’ on Board Because School is Too Poor for a Computer

While many of us can barely wait to get our hands on the latest gadgets (Hint: Samsung has just released the new Galaxy S9 and S9+), even if that means going through one or two phones per year and a new computer every few years, there are actually many people in the world who are too poor to even buy one.

In fact, there are also places in the world where the people are too poor that many haven’t even laid their eyes on a computer!

Recently, a teacher in Ghana made headlines after he shared photos of a rather unique teaching method he is using for his class to learn how to use computers.

Because the school and the students too poor to even afford to buy a computer, teacher Owura Kwadwo Hottish knew exactly what to do. He wanted his students to learn how to use a computer that he painstakingly drew ‘screenshots’ of his lessons.

His drawing of a Microsoft Word blank document was so detailed that many netizens couldn’t help but express admiration over Teacher Kwadwo’s talent as well as dedication to his students.

Photo credit: Owura Kwadwo Hottish / Facebook

Other teachers would have given up and not teach computer lessons to these students, believing there was really no point in doing so as they live in a very poor place but Teacher Kwadwo felt positive that the lessons will prove useful for the kids in the future.

For his commitment to his students, Teacher Kwadwo earned praise from netizens all over the world. A number had expressed willingness to help him get a computer for his class so he could finally teach them using a real computer, not a drawing, but others advised that it was more practical to get him a laptop because the school probably didn’t have electricity to power a desktop.

Photo credit: Owura Kwadwo Hottish / Facebook

We sure hope this teacher receives the recognition and help he greatly deserves.

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