Ever heard of puppy ‘mini-marathon’? Well, this cute pug is running for charity

Ever heard of puppy ‘mini-marathon’? Well, this cute pug is running for charity

Running is a popular form of physical activity.

Thus, it is a great form of exercise.

It can help build strong bones, strengthen muscles, can improve cardiovascular fitness and help maintain weight.

And is the main element in a marathon.

Marathons, these days are more popular not only as a competition but also for fund raising and awareness and to make this popular activity more enjoyable and fun everyone can participate even dogs.

Like Alice, a pug nicknamed “Big Al” who is gearing up to run a “puppy marathon” of .262 miles to raise money and awareness for the non-profit Pug Rescue of New England.

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As her 24-year old owner, Julia McGovern, is also preparing to participate in her second Boston Marathon this year she thought that it would also be fun for Alice to run one of her own for a good cause.

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Since then, McGovern set up a DreamFund page for those willing to donate foe Alice’s “training”.

McGovern told, “While I was training for the Boston Marathon, I also was fund-raising for House of Possibilities.

After we reached our goal, it was just really inspiring, so I thought since Alice has a really fun little community on her Instagram page with all the crazy pug people like me, this could be an interesting and fun opportunity to tap into that and raise money for a good cause.”

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McGovern plans to let Alice run the .262 miles in California and will put out a video later.

This is in reference to the 26.2 miles that make up a human marathon.

Since pugs have tiny legs and their scrunched-up face can make it hard for them to breathe the run was shortened.

As preparation, “She goes for lots of walks, and we take her on the beach,” McGovern said.

“She’ll run around off the leash, working those little pug muscles.

She is only six months old, so she’s got a lot of energy.”

A photo posted by Alice the Pug (@bigal_in_la) on

Alice will be at the starting line with McGovern and then will go with McGovern’s mother to greet her when she crosses the finish line.

Way to go little pup! Good Luck! Have fun in the raise!

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