Viral Photo: Ottawa mechanic modifies own car into snowmobile

Viral Photo: Ottawa mechanic modifies own car into snowmobile

Everyone who has every driven in snow-laden roads knows exactly how difficult that can be, especially if your vehicle is not equipped to handle the slippery road surface.

So, at the first sign of snow, car owners already place reinforcements to their vehicles to make sure that these are safe to use on the road and would not slip on the slick surface or get stuck in the snow.

Todd of Autobahn Tuning, car owner in Manotick, Ottawa in Canada did just that upon hearing news that southern Ontario and Quebec will be hit by a significant winter storm sometime on Tuesday evening to Wednesday evening.

But instead of doing extra preparations like topping off washer fluid or adding tire chains, this vehicle owner modified the wheels of his vehicle and made it look like a snowmobile!

Todd of Autobahn Tuning in Manotick modfied this limited-edition Smart car for winter

Posted by Autobahn Tuning Inc. on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Now, we’re not quite sure how he is going to navigate the spots that are not filled with snow on that vehicle but perhaps the rear wheels answer the question in that these resemble those used in heavy equipment and armored tanks which can traverse any terrain!

You’ve got to hand it to this guy for ingenuity – and his creation swiftly took the web by storm after netizen Brock Wijnbeek spotted it, snapped a photo, and posted it on Reddit with the caption, “Only in Canada”.

Many Reddit users are envious of this unique vehicle, wishing they also had that kind of car so they could have fun while driving in the snow.

Reddit user Northumberlo wrote, “That looks like a lot of fun. I would go snowmobiling in that thing and stay toasty warm.”

Still, reports revealed that Ottawa did not receive as much snow as the other areas during the snowstorm. But we’re quite sure that car owner loved going out in the snow on that awesome car of his!

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