See ‘Viral’ Creative Photos of Shelter Dogs in Utah

See ‘Viral’ Creative Photos of Shelter Dogs in Utah

In acquiring things may it be tangible or not people usually need a lot of persuasion, understanding, and a clear vision what is likable and compatible to their tastes and likes.

When we shop we try to fit dresses, shirts and shoes first if it looks good on us before paying for the items.

In buying a house, we made sure to thoroughly inspect first the house and it’s surrounding before signing the check.

Even in online shopping, we meticulously examine the details of the product before clicking the buy button.

But mostly, the very first aspect that attracts one to acquire something is its appearance.

Presentation however, also made a huge difference in an appearance.

This is what a Humane Society of Utah photographer put into consideration in showcasing the personalities of the dogs in the shelter.

Guinnevere Shuster has been the social media coordinator and photographer for the Humane Society of Utah since 2013.

UPDATE: ADOPTED!!! Take on look at this precious piglet and tell us she isn't one of the cutest googly-eyed creatures…

Posted by The Humane Society of Utah on Tuesday, March 31, 2015

To draw attention to the animals at the Humane Society of Utah, Shuster use a creative approach.

Last June, she started doing photography sessions with the dogs, creating images similar to a photo booth.

UPDATE: ADOPTED!!! Lions, Tigers and Downey oh my! Downey is one big boy at 123 pounds but don't worry, this big teddy…

Posted by The Humane Society of Utah on Tuesday, April 14, 2015

“We are just always trying to come up with different ways to show the animals and attract people down to the shelter, if you will, to adopt,” Shuster said.


What is better than one best friend? How about two! CJ and his…

Posted by The Humane Society of Utah on Monday, April 6, 2015

“You really kind of see the personality of the dog. They are much more playful and happy. Not just behind the bars, looking sad.”

UPDATE: ADOPTED!!! Do you daydream of spending all your time in the pine and aspen lined crystal lakes of Utah, enjoying…

Posted by The Humane Society of Utah on Thursday, February 26, 2015

A photo campaign was a good way to disperse the usual misconception of many that shelter animals are dangerous or unwanted said the Humane Society of Utah director of communications Deann Shepherd.

“A lot of the animals that come to shelter, they don’t come here because they are bad animals necessarily, the owners just aren’t able to take care of them for whatever reason,” He added.

Shuster used props, treats and noise-making toys during the photo shoots with the dogs and created a collage with four photos that captured the animal’s personality.

UPDATE: ADOPTED!!! Are you a cartoonist or writer looking for a muse? Or just in need of a highly entertaining friend to…

Posted by The Humane Society of Utah on Thursday, April 9, 2015

She’s done around 75 portraits of different dogs at the Humane Society since June 2014.

Due to the unique, creative and fun composition, Shuster’s images ultimately went viral and were featured on several national outlets, including the Huffington Post, My Modern Met and ABC News.

Since then, adoptions from the Humane Society of Utah have increase even though it wasn’t entirely credited to the photo campaign.

Nevertheless, Shuster said quite a few of the dogs have been adopted within 24 hours of people seeing the photos on Facebook.

The Humane Society of Utah placed a record number of animals in 2014 with 10,481 adoptions and 2,658 adoptions for 2015.

Shepherd said they plan to place even more animals in 2015.

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