Guy signs “walkies” to his deaf dog and then the internet melts

Guy signs “walkies” to his deaf dog and then the internet melts

Can dog learn sign language? The answer is YES.

According to WAG, our canine friends have the amazing ability to learn sign language, whether they cannot hear themselves or their owner if deaf.

Any type of dog can learn sign language and it will just take some training, patience, and consistency.

But, the same goes with teaching a dog to stay, sit, and come with word commands. It is not any more difficult than training with voice commands.

One of the incredible examples of dog learning sign language is this endearing video showing a guy doing signs to his adorable deaf dog. And the dog’s reaction melts the hearts of those who watch the adorable video online! I mean, just look at it.

Guy signs "walkies" to his deaf dog

The guy in the infamous video is Sean Flanagan and his white doggo is called Silas.

One viewer praised the owner and said “I wish I had something in my life that brings me excitement as much as going on walk brings a dog :)“.

Another commenter also highlighted the “positive reinforcement” technique which does help on how the dog understands the language.

So what are the telltale signs of a dog learning sign language?

When your dog is starting to pick up on the hand cues you are teaching him/her for sign language, there are a few ways you will be able to tell your dog is getting the hang of things.

Just like if you were teaching your dog the verbal sit command, you can tell they are starting to understand the command when they are alert and listening to you and then perform the desired command.

However, they may not perform the command every time you ask them to sit. The same will go with hand signals from sign language.

Some sure signs that your dog is paying close attention to you include perky ears and an unbreakable gaze.

You will notice this kind of attention when you have treats in your hand – making using treats an awesome way to teach your dog sign language.

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