New Jersey Jewish Dentist Wows Kid with Magic Tricks, Makes Netizens Wish He Accepts Adult Patients

New Jersey Jewish Dentist Wows Kid with Magic Tricks, Makes Netizens Wish He Accepts Adult Patients

A pediatric dentist recently went viral for wowing a kid with his magic tricks.

After learning that he only accepts kids, many netizens expressed their wish that he would change his mind.

The dentist in the video was identified as Dr. Eyal Simchi. He has a clinic at Riverfront Pediatric Dentistry in northwestern New Jersey.

While he is certainly loved by all, the dentist specializes in treating patients with special needs.

What makes Dr. Simchi a cut above the rest is that he not only makes sure his patients are comfortable with him in the clinic but that they are also entertained, to keep their minds off the procedure.

Photo credit: Riverfront Pediatric Dentistry- Eyal Simchi, DMD / Facebook

With patients feeling more comfortable and at ease with him, Dr. Simchi is able to perform the procedures much less stressfully than necessary.

At times, Dr. Simchi sings to his little patients but he is best known for his cool magic tricks that really keep his young patients happy.

I bet the little ones don’t mind as much what he is going to do with their teeth, if they get rewarded with these cool tricks before and after the procedure is done.

Photo credit: Riverfront Pediatric Dentistry- Eyal Simchi, DMD / Facebook

Recently, the dentist posted a video on his Facebook page, Riverfront Pediatric Dentistry- Eyal Simchi, DMD.

The clip shows Dr. Simchi performing the ‘light balls’ trick on a young patient who was truly amazed at everything that he was doing.

The dentist made light balls appear and disappear on the boy’s hands and various parts of his body.

It was clear that the kid was excited with all the light balls going on and off, appearing each time the dentist tells him they would.

The kid would try to make the light balls appear but just couldn’t do it; thus, he was more excited to watch the dentist move his hands to create the lights.

Photo credit: Riverfront Pediatric Dentistry- Eyal Simchi, DMD / Facebook

But the kid wasn’t the only one amazed by this dentist’s tricks.

In fact, the video Dr. Simchi posted on Facebook quickly went viral, gaining over 16 million views as of press time, barely a week after it was shared.

Just like the kid, everyone wanted to see where the light bulbs came from.

Many even tried watching the video as closely as they could, repeating it over and over again yet there seems to be no explanation as to where the light balls came from except that the dentist had, somehow, magically created them.

Isn’t he amazing?

more magic!!!! Riverfront Pediatric Dentistry- Eyal Simchi, DMDHeres a link to our youtube channel for those who would like to see more cute videos. Stay tuned or subscribe for our newest videos-

Posted by Riverfront Pediatric Dentistry- Eyal Simchi, DMD on Thursday, May 17, 2018

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