5 shocking facts and weird trivia you probably didn’t know about Halloween

5 shocking facts and weird trivia you probably didn’t know about Halloween

Studies revealed that Halloween is the second most celebrated, highest grossing and commercially successful holiday in the United States.

This is the time of the year when candies, chocolates and other sweet treats manufacturers are effortlessly racking up their sales.

This is also the time of the year when kids are all pump up and excited to catch up with their fellow trick or treaters.

Kids of today see Halloween as a special time of the year when they can dress up to their favorite spooky characters, superheroes, celebrities and entertainers.

They see Halloween as nothing but a day when they can go door to door to ask for candies and other sweet treats.

Although there’s nothing wrong about it, it’s also quite important for them to know the history behind Halloween and how people from the past celebrate this holiday.

There are lots of spooky facts and amazing trivia that are written and told about Halloween.

Below are some of the best and mind-blowing ones that you and the kids around you probably didn’t know about.

Originally, you need to dance to get candies and sweet treats.

Halloween Skeleton Dancing

Way back, people have to dance while wearing their costumes in exchange for treats. Simply saying “trick or treats” won’t work way back then.

You have to work for it by showing your dance moves and choreographed routines.  It was also said that the people who does trick or treats hundreds of years ago belongs to poor families.

They go door to door begging for coins and whatever people might give to them.


Animal skins, skulls and heads are used as Halloween costumes way back then.

Animal Skull

According to records and studies, there are ancient tribes or group of people that used animal skins and heads as Halloween costumes.

These tribes believe that by wearing such costumes, they can effectively connect to the spirits of the dead.

This kind of tradition is still being practiced by some groups of people nowadays.  

The animal skin and head are still being used for the celebrations of Samhain, the Celtic holiday that inspired Halloween in the United States.

The leader of the Samhain parade usually wears a white sheet while carrying a wooden horse head or horse skull all throughout the celebration.

 Jack-o’-lanterns are originally made and carved from turnips, beets and potatoes.

Would you believe that Jack-o’-lanterns are not carved from pumpkins way back then? People from the past use a good size of turnip, beet and potato to create an amazing Jack-o’-lantern.

And just in case you still don’t know the good old story where the traditional Jack-o’-lantern started, here’s a little story that you can also share with the trick-or-treaters.

Jack O Lantern Facts

Halloween used to be a very special day to find a partner-to-be and soul mate.

Halloween Couple Zombie

Falling in love during the Halloween is not as scary as it might sound.

In fact, there are places in Ireland where people celebrate the Halloween by playing games that can lead to long-term relationships and sweet romance.

According to studies, these games can predict the players’ future wife/husband and the exact date when they will get married.

For these people, Halloween is like Valentine’s Day when they can celebrate love and freely mingle with the opposite sex that can lead to long-term romance.

There are animal shelters that don’t allow adoption of black cats whenever Halloween is around for fear they will be used as ritual sacrifice.

Black Cat Halloween

Although there are no official reports or reported incidents of black cats being sacrificed, animal shelters still don’t allow the adoption of black cats when Halloween is near.

According to Ms. Lynda Garibaldi, an animal shelter director, they do not allow adoption during the month of October because of superstition and the concern that people (who will adopt them) might just use them as a ritual sacrifice.

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