10 of the Best Effective Ways to Achieve Definitely Good Looking Body

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10 of the Best Effective Ways to Achieve Definitely Good Looking Body

What don’t we women do to get that killer, good looking body? Anyone can have a great looking body, you just have to work to attain such body. It’s good to be trendy but if you are not fit then you have to think many times before wearing anything.

We gape at many beautiful Indian faces in bollywood like Bipasha Basu and Shilpa Shetty and wonder how they have such a great looking body whereas we are just getting fat, fat and fatter!. A fatal flaw in women is their belief that getting a great looking body is easy.

Here are top 10 ways to achieve a great looking body:

10 – Keep on Walking

Do you know that every muscle in our body gets a workout when we walk? Walking is the topmost way to get in shape and show off that toned body. Four times a week, walk for at least 40 minutes at a moderate brisk pace. Don’t expect instant result. Commit to this for six months and see the results for yourself.

9 – Do High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

The HIIT strategy is very good for overweight people. A major problem with overweight and obese people is their lack of endurance or stamina. What HIIT aims is to increase the endurance level of women. This is done through easy-medium-strenuous cyclical cardio workouts. High intensity cardio training done four times a week for 30 minutes each will work wonders.

8 – Play Outdoor Games

Remember the times when you used to be young and indulged in uncountable outdoor games? It’s time to revisit those years. Gather your friends or sign up with a local community that encourages outdoor games and start playing. Women could take up tennis, badminton, Frisbee throwing, touch football and many more.

7 – Learn Swimming

An hour of rigorous swimming is hell of a cardio workout that will give you an amazing looking body in six months flat. Moreover, there is no age to learn swimming. Check out community or school swimming pools and sign up. If you are new to this, you can easily perfect the technique in 15-20 days. This cardio workout helps to improve stamina and gives a toned body.

6 – Kettlebell Training

It is advised to do this exercise under the supervision of a qualified instructor. The Kettlebell training is becoming popular in India and is preferred over isolated exercises like curls and crunches. This training is heavily directed towards weight management and weight loss, and it is suitable for women . It consists of various exercises like rows, windmill, snatch, swings and Turkish get ups.

5 – Cardio Strength Training

A fun and effective way for women to lose body fat, the cardio strength training is a mixture of intense circuit training and usual cardio training. Do this for 15 minutes daily and be amazed.

4 – Do Household Chores

Look at your mother and grandmother, they are probably more fit that you, given the fact that there were no gyms and workout regimes four or five decades back. Doing household chores is a cost effective way to burn calories and get toned.

3 – Go on a Hiking Trip

Climbing mountains or tricky terrains for a limited period of time workouts the whole body and tones it. Of course, you need to be an adventurer at heart to undertake this but it is worth all the effort.

2 – Controlled Diet

Exercising doesn’t mean you have to starve yourself. If you do, the result will be opposite, you won’t lose weight healthily. Therefore, once you start working on getting a great looking body, monitor the diet too. Eat everything but limitedly. Maintain a daily journal.

1 – Love your Body

It’s all in the mind. Women should learn to love their body. Imagine how you really want it to be and then realize that imagination. Achieving a great looking body is not tough, you have to persevere and have patience.

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