10 of the Best Things to Research Before Travelling

10 of the Best Things to Research Before Travelling

It seems always to be a case of roll the dice when you’re traveling, especially if it’s for vacation. When you’re taking a significant other or a family somewhere, the good times that you will create is directly related to how much you know about where you’re going. But what about getting there and what you’d do once you get there? Of course, if you’re traveling for business, you’re there for work. Even in this case, you should be thinking of how you can turn frequent traveling to your advantage, whether it’s for accumulating points or scouting the area if you’re having a lovely time.

These are top ten things to research before travelling to minimize those “aw, crap” moments. They are in no particular order of importance, although some count more than others.

10 – Where You’ll Stay

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Seems obvious, right? But think about what kind of place you want to stay at. Luxury hotel? Resort? Campground? Hunting Lodge? Ice hotel or Igloo village? There are a plethora of ways to stay at the same place, but they all offer different experiences.

9 – Restaurants

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We all have to eat. And if you’re going to go to a foreign place to enjoy its atmosphere, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy its food. There are so many tools you readily available to find great eats and for certain budgets. Be sure to make reservations beforehand so that you aren’t turned away from every dine-in while starving at 9pm.

8 – Beaches

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The sound of an ocean can warrant traveling to a destination by itself. It is known that the music of waves and water can help soothe and relax – something everyone needs once in a while. Beaches also offer a rush of activities, like jet skiing and fishing, many of which are aimed to accommodate tourists.

7 – Amusement Parks

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In other words, fun. Traveling isn’t always about exploring culture or people. It’s also about having fun and creating memories, even if it is done by doing something that could be done at home or elsewhere.

6 – Festivals

I like to call them public displays of culture. If you’re not too observant, festivals and parades are like taking a colorful powder of tradition and culture and throwing it in your face. That’s an actual festival, by the way. During Holi, the Hindu festival of color, people throw colored powder at each other in celebration of the beginning of Spring. Everyone should be able to say that they learned something or two about the people native to their destination, and going to a festival is one of the easiest ways to immerse yourself.

5 – Golf Courses

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This is to complement your lady’s time at the spa. Golf is one of those rare games that offers both a way to engage in sport and soak in beautiful scenery. It is both serene and stimulating and a great way to get in exercise. Almost all vacation destinations include a golf course; it is ubiquitous to all places with class and also to places without.

4 – Destination Spas

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This is more for the ladies, but guys, don’t knock it until you try it. One night spent feeling like royalty will give you that rejuvenation you haven’t felt in… ever, really. Check out both resort and destination spas and what massage treatments they offer.

3 – Frequent Flyer Programs

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You might think this is the same as airlines, but it’s not. This is the behind the scenes, the beneficial implications of sticking with an airlines. This is probably more relevant for those that travel for work – finding an awesome loyalty program can mean the difference between paying for every flight that you take to a vacation, and not. Check out each program’s award options, airline alliance, elite membership benefits, and whether they aware miles or points.

2 – Airports

Here’s one I bet you haven’t really thought of, and I’ll bet it’s one of your least favorite parts of flying: the stress and the discomfort and the inconvenience and the… well I’ll stop here otherwise I’d be writing a top 10 post within this top 10 post (top10postception). There’s actually a lot you can research about an airport, like whether there’s free Wi-Fi in the terminals, parking rates, or lounges. Knowing can really mitigate the trouble of the “airport process.”

1 – Airlines

For some people, it will be worth it to simply find the cheapest flight. But prices are competitive, and what happens if you have the option between three different tickets, all priced within $10 of each other? You could pick the airlines with no free check-in luggage, a tiny economy seat pitch and no loyalty program. Compare airlines so that you aren’t numb in the legs after you get off a five hour flight.

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