Watch Oregon Couple’s Pregnancy Announcement Goes Viral

Watch Oregon Couple’s Pregnancy Announcement Goes Viral

Announcements nowadays are done in such extraordinary ways.

With the help of advanced technology information are vigorously broadcast worldwide.

As technology evolves so as our creativity in handling information be it personal or social.

Take the pregnancy news of young couple from Oregon, Jesse and Melissa Meek who filmed their announcement in a car.

Jesse, 31, grew up in Happy Valley and works as a personal trainer and corrective exercise therapist and coach martial arts.

His wife, Melissa, 28, grew up in Oregon City and is a finance specialist.

The Meeks announcement of their expecting was posted on YouTube with a theme of an edited version of the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”.

The video was shot when the couple was on the way to Melissa’s parents after church last Easter.

Melissa in the passenger seat, sporting a white trucker hat over her straight blonde hair as Jesse drove with a black hat and white.

Both wore green shirts and unlike Will Smith, they never flipped their bills.

They started to sang, “In Happy Valley, Oregon, livin’ it wed, bought our first house and started to build our homestead,” Melissa rapped.

“Our family and friends, who were up to no good, started asking questions about my parenthood.”

Throughout the song the couple alternated lines.

“Little did they know the plan had begun to start our own family, and man, it was fun,” Jesse sang.

The Jesse and Melissa initially thought that only a couple hundred of their close friends and family will see the video.

But in four days the video reached 2,000 views. Since then, Jesse Meek has watched it spiral out of control.

Between Friday and Saturday, it jumped to 100,000. And by Monday, the announcement has reached more than 600,000 views.

Jesse relates the video was mostly his wife, Melissa’s idea.

Who was also super creative according to him and that they love that kind of stuff as the couple considered their selves goofy and fun.

“We try to constantly top each other. It has been a lot of fun, but definitely way more than we ever expected,” Jesse Meek said Monday

In telling her husband that she is pregnant, Melissa also thought of a creative way such as using their dog, Kadence, a boxer, and attached a tag that implied in 9 months their family will grow to which she also filmed Jesse’s reaction.

The ”Fresh Prince” announcement that went viral was also used by the couple to tell their parents about the pregnancy and they decided to upload a video including all three dog-tag telling to YouTube as well.

It seems the couple is fun of grand gesture as for Jesse’s proposal to Melissa was also done with 2,500 people in attendance in a martial arts tournament.

For the reveal of their baby’s gender, which is also around the time for their two-year wedding anniversary, they also planned for a creative format.

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