Meet The World’s Deadliest Animal Species

Meet The World’s Deadliest Animal Species

When we say most deadly animals and species, they are those creatures that can kill in just a matter of few seconds or minutes.

They are the ones that live to hunt and kill. You can rarely see these kinds of animals or species at common places where lots of people gather together and live a peaceful life.

You will surely find them living at an area they consider their territory that once you entered; you risk your life to their killing prowess and instinct.

But some humans, especially those who are into hunting and jobs are related to scientific studies, are risking their life to gather fact and information about the deadliest species living on earth.

They do it either for self fulfillment or for hefty pot money that they can get when the studies are done with the kind of animal species they target.

The most deadly animal or species may come in any kind of size or form.

They may look small and cute but the poison and sting they give can be nasty with no known antidote.

As the popular saying goes “looks can be deceiving”, it relates to deadly animal species as well.

Just for example, those cute cuddly bears might look harmless and huggable but you have to watch out their sharp fangs or teeth and claws.

Below you will find the top 10 lists of the most deadly animals or species around the world.

Most of them are unknown to you so better check them one by one and be familiar with it so you know what they are capable of.

If you wanted more information about them, feel free to ask about it via the comment section below.

So without further more delay, here is my list (they come in any order).

Box Jellyfish

box jelly fish - henspark
We all know that jellyfish are nasty creatures under the water. But Box Jellyfish is the nastiest of them all.

It has 60 tentacles that grow as long as 15 feet.

It is equipped with tiny needles with toxins that when put together can kill 50 people almost instantly.

Grizzly Bear

GRIZZLY BEAR - henspark
Some might see and say that bears are cuddling friendly and huggable species. They can be if it’s Teddy Bear stuffed toy. But if you are facing a Grizzly Bear, better get out of its way.

Grizzly bears when standing on their feet can reach up to 8 feet tall and can weigh 800 pounds but despite that size, they can run at 35 miles per hour.

Just one bump and hug from them can break your bones and muscles.

Not to mention the claws and sharp teeth they always used to hunt and eat.

Carpet Viper Snake

Saw_Scaled_Viper_Echis_carinatus - henspark
Snakes will always be categorized as one of the deadliest species on earth.

The Carpet Viper snake is the deadliest of them all and it accounts to many snake bite related deaths worldwide.


This is one of the smallest, sneakiest and deadliest specie known to mankind.

This blood sucking creature can instantly give his victim different kind of deadly diseases and sickness such as elephantiasis, malaria and now the widespread Dengue fever viral infection.

Deathstalker Scorpion

Scorpions, especially the deathstalker that is commonly seen at Middle East accounts to almost 80 percent of scorpion related fatalities every year.

Children with weak body or immune system are the usual victims of its deadly poison.

Cone Snail

ConeSnail-dealy animals-henspark
Cone snails are not the kind of snails you want to touch or collect.

A single drop from this snail can kill 25 people in a matter of minutes.

Stone Fish

Stone Fish-henspark-deadly animals
This sneaky creature that hides itself and camouflaged under water can bring pain, suffering and death to its clueless victim.

Stone Fish doesn’t attack swimmers or divers on a rage; instead, it waits for the human to step on its spines that is loaded with poisonous stuff and toxins than can cost a leg or life when not attended immediately.

Poison Dart Frog

poison dart frog - deadly henspark
This nice looking colorful frog specie is loaded with various poison and toxin that is present at its skin.

You can’t touch this one with your bare hands unless you are ready for some serious heart stoppage.

You probably had seen this one being used at the movies as a weapon by tribal communities against their perpetrators.


saltwater crocodiles - deadly henspark
Crocodiles, especially the saltwater crocodiles are pretty fast and powerful despite its huge size and shape.

It kills almost 1000 people per year.

Just one bite from this specie and it will surely cost any form of other animal or even human’s life.


Hippopotamus - henspark
If you are a regular zoo visitor and you see some hippos that looks so slow to move and boring to look at, don’t let those impression of Zoo living hippos fool you.

When they are out, they are among the deadliest specie you don’t want to face at.

They attack humans and other animals or even material objects that block their site or way.

They attack instantly even without you doing nothing at them. So better stay away from them unless they are caged safely at your favorite local zoo.

The above list is just based on my own research, statistics and judgment.

If I can add some more at my above list, lions, elephant, buffalo, shark, polar bear, the near to extinction rhinoceros, hyena, leopard and spider will surely be included on it.

If you got your own list and you want me to take a look at it, please feel free to share it via the comment

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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