Watch Adorable Premature Twins Holding Hands on their Dad Chest

Watch Adorable Premature Twins Holding Hands on their Dad Chest

Born at just 25 weeks and one day, twins Kristiana and Kristian need a lot of TLC from their parents and the hospital staff caring for them until they get bigger – but they also knew that they can count on each other for love and support!

In a video that has since gone viral on social media after mom Anthea Jackson-Rushford posted it on Facebook, the twins could be seen cuddling with their daddy in what is called as “kangaroo care”, the type of cuddling done for premature babies.

It is believed that skin-to-skin contact with either parents help increase the babies’ chances of survival.

So, with various tubes still attached to their bodies, the tiny twins (both weight under 1 kilogram each!) were gingerly placed on their dad’s bare chest so they could feel his warmth.

As if knowing that he has a twin with him on dad’s chest, Kristian quickly reached out to hold Kristiana’s hand! His hand stayed there for some time…

The heartwarming moment touched the heart of their mommy who quickly snapped some photos and took a video of the two while holding hands.

Little did she know that the 7-second video will take the internet by storm!

In just mere hours, the video had gone viral!

To date, barely 10 days later, the video has garnered over 12.6 million views – and the stats are believed to continue to rise in the next couple of days.

It seems that his very simple yet so touching moment has touched a nerve in this society, making people believe about the power of love and the miracles brought about by faith.

Indeed, this video might be too short for many yet it also packs a lot of love and power in it!

According to their mommy, the two truly love to hold hands because they continue doing so every time they are placed within touching distance.

It is highly likely that they would grow up to be very close because they draw strength and love from each other even right from the very start…

Amazing!!! Needs to go viral!!! ???????? our preemie twins Kristiana and Kristian! Born at just 28 weeks and 1 day! Weighed in at under a kilo each! ???????? #preemietwins

Posted by Anthea Jackson-Rushford on Wednesday, January 13, 2016

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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