10 of the Creepiest Places on Earth you should Visit

10 of the Creepiest Places on Earth you should Visit

The Earth is filled with mysterious places – both manmade and natural.

To date, there are still lots of places across the world which have not been fully explored because of their location.

However, there are also lots of places that have been abandoned by humans and have become so creepy that people no longer go there, especially when they are alone.

This list brings you some of the creepiest places in the world.

Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague

Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague
What creepier than an old cemetery? How about 11 cemeteries stacked into one cemetery? Certified creepy!

The old Jewish cemetery had gotten so crowded but people could not find a new place to create a new one.

So, they decided to build a new one on top of the other.

It then became sort of a tradition wherein a new one is built on top of the old one when the latter becomes too crowded already.

I would surely not want to visit this, especially at night!

Isla de las Munecas

According to local folk lore, the Isla de las Munecas (Island of the Dolls) was filled with dolls by an eccentric sole dweller who found the first doll washed up to shore.

That first doll was believed to belong to a girl who drowned and had washed on the shores of the island.

After finding the first doll, the island’s sole inhabitant Don Julian Santana Barrera soon began finding dolls at the beach.

As a tribute to the young girl who drowned, he began hanging up these dolls on strings across the island.

The result is quite creepy – just imagine seeing those tiny dolls hanging on strings and swinging in the air.

Varosha Resort in Cyprus

Isla de las Munecas
War has its way of destroying beautiful places.

In the island of Cyprus, for example, a resort name Varosha has been completely abandoned after the Turks captured the place.

The sprawling resort is empty and looks like the perfect setting for a horror flick set inside a resort hotel.

Matsuo Ghost Mine in Japan

Matsuo Ghost Mine in Japan
The Matsuo Ghost Mine had once been a thriving mining town but the minerals being mined in the area was soon depleted and the facility was shut down.

The result is a creepy ghost town.

No one tried to tear the place up so it continues to stand as a mute witness of a thriving past that has long been gone down the bowels of local history. See the Matsuo Ghost Mine video.

Today, mists continually cover the ghost mine, making it appear creepier than ever.

Jatinga Bird Suicide Grounds in India

Jatinga Bird Suicide Grounds in India
If you happen to visit this town sometime in September or October, you might be lucky (or unlucky?) enough to experience a creepy phenomenon that no one is able to explain.

You see, Jatinga has become the suicide grounds for millions of birds who specifically go to the town each year just to slam themselves to the ground in what appears to be a massive bird suicide.

There’s this mile-long strip of land in Jatinga where the birds head to sometime between 7 PM to 10 PM.

Even scientists are baffled why the birds dive to their death on that strip of land between those particular hours.

No one can predict the exact date the birds would launch the massive suicide but the sight is creepy if you manage to experience it for yourself.

However, reports were released that the birds were not actually committing suicide but dive to the ground because of the lights left by the locals.

As they dive, the locals kill them. The story has been sensationalized in some reports to make it appear like the birds are committing sucide.

Hoia Baciu Forest in Romania

Hoia Baciu Forest in Romania
Sometimes referred to as the Bermuda Triangle of Romania, this place is so creepy because of the many mysterious disappearances, UFO sightings, and various weird occurrences experienced within its boundaries.

According to stories, electronic devices spontaneously stop working inside the forest – which makes it scarier for someone to voluntarily go inside the forest just to check whether the phenomenon is true!

Cincinnati’s Subway System in Ohio, USA

Cincinnati’s Subway System in Ohio
What could have been a massive modern transport system turned into a white elephant when the city ran out of funding for this ambitious project.

So, even before the subway system was used, it was already abandoned.

This resulted in creepy tunnels that stretch for miles – perfect for horror movies, I should say.

This is also the source of embarrassment for the city and is known to be the largest abandoned subway tunnel in the country.

Ghost City of Fengdu in China

Ghost City of Fengdu in China
What’s creepier than a ghost town?

How about a ghost town believed to be the doorway between the earth and the world of the dead?

Uh oh! I surely wouldn’t want to visit this place.

According to local legends, the place is where spirits crossover to the world of the dead.

Hellingly Hospital in England

Hellingly Hospital in England
The hospital’s name is hint enough of what this creepy place holds. It does look like hell on earth.

This place is actually an abandoned mental asylum, so you could just imagine the horrors that this place had seen during the time it was still in use.

Some new rooms and housing units have been built in the hospital grounds but the abandoned areas are still as creepy as you can imagine.

The Door to Hell in Turkmenistan

The Door to Hell in Turkmenistan
If you felt afraid by the doorway to the world of the dead, how about the doorway to hell?

The legend of this doorway’s creation is not really that creepy but seeing it with your own eyes should be enough to give you shivers.

The place had been a gas field.

There were numerous ‘reports’ of how the unending fire of more than 40 years began but it is believed that either the Soviets burned the gas field or bungling scientists lighted a fire to try to contain a massive gas leak which could kill the people in the nearby towns.

Whatever the real reason for how the fire started, it is crazy that is has gone on for more than 40 years without showing signs of stopping.

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