10 of the Best Ways to Roam Around South Africa

10 of the Best Ways to Roam Around South Africa

One of my greatest passions is to explore Africa. I love visiting and exploring this exotic place. If you are planning to visit the continent, it is good to note that each location have different modes of transportation. Knowing what kind of transportation is available and expected can take quite a load off your shoulders.

Let me take you to one of my favorite spots: South Africa. Listed below are the most popular modes of transportation available in this beautiful country.

  • 10 – Leaving On a Jet Plane

    Planes are still the most popular mode of transportation as it can bring you faster to your destination. It also has the least hassles when it comes to travelling. There are several airlines servicing South Africa including South African Express Airways, Cathay Pacific Airways, Air Zimbabwe, Air Tanzania, to name a few.

  • 9 – Big Yellow Taxi

    The taxi is another hassle free mode of transportation. Most often this is a car used in public to bring passengers from one destination to another. It has a fixed flag down rate and the fare increases every hundred meters or so.

  • 8 – Rental Cars

    Yes! You can drive yourself in Africa. Car rentals are plenty. Depending on your budget and needs, most car rentals have several vehicles for you to choose from. Choose appropriate vehicles for your purpose. As you would be travelling in some rough terrains, it is better to select four wheeled drives. Car rentals do not come cheap though. You also need to pay deposit as insurance for any unforeseen incidents. However, if you want to take the tourist route, it’s preferable to drive yourself so you can stop and enjoy the scenery or whatever catches your fancy.

  • 7 – Chauffer Driven Cars

    Understandingly the most luxurious mode of transportation as most people cannot afford to hire one, chauffer driven cars is a commodity that not everyone can afford.

  • 6 – Kiss Me on the Bus

    What would a place be without buses? Buses are big trucks that carry a lot of passengers from one place to another. Most places have this mode of transportation which can carry its passengers on short distance or long distance travel. Most owns in South Africa have buses.

  • 5 – Translucent Carriages

    Normally a horse-drawn four wheeled passenger vehicle. This is one of the more primitive albeit romantic modes of transportation. This is good or ideal for leisurely rides.

  • 4 – Animal Rides

    Other than horses, some towns use animals like carabaos and donkeys to transport passengers. Others even use big dogs attached to a sled or carriage and carry people to their destination.

  • 3 – Breakfast on the Morning Tram

    A tram is normally a cable or trolley car suspended on the air or a street car designed as a four wheeled open car.

  • 2 – Ferry Cross the Mersey

    Ferries and boats are popular modes of transportation not only in South Africa but all over the world. These are the preferred by people who are travelling by sea or ocean. Aside from being modes of transportations, you can also enjoy South Africa by embarking on ferry tours such as the Keurbooms River Ferries.

  • 1 – Took the Last Train

    Being the largest economy in the continent, South Africa also has the most highly developed railway system in Africa. All major cities are connected by rail so if you’re fond of using railway cars to hop from one place to another without hurting your pocket, this one is for you! You’ll surely enjoy the journey. Taking a journey through South Africa by rail could not be easier. The train vacation options are limitless ranging from luxurious foreign getaways to simple, inexpensive trips. Some train destination points are Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Pretoria. Popular train services include Premier Class train, Shosholoza Meyl (for long distance passengers), Metro Suburban Trains and cruise trains.

The mode of transportation doesn’t really matter. What’s important is you know what type of transportation to expect in a particular place in South Africa.

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