Captured on Video: Scary Moment Cheetah Jumps Inside Safari Vehicle

Captured on Video: Scary Moment Cheetah Jumps Inside Safari Vehicle

A tourist in a safari trip got more than what he paid for when a curious cheetah jumped inside the safari vehicle he was in. Uh, oh!

The Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, eastern Africa, is one of the best places to visit if you want to go on a safari. There are plenty of wild animals living mostly free in this vast land.

Photo credit: CGTN / YouTube – Peter Heistein

While zoos offer a good place for you and your family to see wild animals, going on a safari trip to Tanzania is the real deal. You get to see these animals at their natural habitat. You will see various animals, including zebras, elephants, rhinoceros, wildebeests, and big cats like lions and cheetahs.

In safari trips, tourists are taken by guides around the park in vehicles designed to maximize their view while still keeping them safe from the animals. But because there are no barrier between the animals and the people, except the vehicle, a lot of unexpected things could happen – and you have to be prepared for the worst.

Photo credit: CGTN / YouTube – Peter Heistein

Landscape and wildlife photographer Peter Heistein recently shared a video of a curious cheetah that jumped inside the back seat of a safari vehicle, exploring the interior. A man could be seen in the front seat, calmly doing nothing but it turned out he was too terrified to move.

The tourist was told by the guide to stay calm and silent. He was also told not to make eye contact with the big cat as it explored the vehicle. Those were probably the longest, scariest minutes in this man’s life but, finally, the cheetah went out of the vehicle.

Things could have turned to worse; thankfully, the big cat didn’t harm the people at all. Whew! We’re so thankful nothing happened because in the event of an attack, it is highly likely that the guides might kill the majestic creature…

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