Watch Torquay’s Dancing postman video goes viral

Watch Torquay’s Dancing postman video goes viral

On a daily basis with work and everything that goes through in life and the world there are people who goes out of their way to surprisingly brighten someone’s day and surely it such a wonderful feeling.

It makes us realize humanity is not dead after all with all the advance technology we have nowadays.

Take the dancing postie from Torquay who moves like Michael Jackson, became an internet sensation and had won a mass of admiring female fans.

A video of this postie dancing with one of his customers was viewed 1.5 million times on line.

The postie in the video is Adam Prowse, 34 dances with customers as he delivers their mail on his round in Exeter, Devon.

video credits: The Telegraph

The video captioned as “Some say Adam Prowse delivers in style” shows the former barman Adam improvising his solo-free steps after climbing out of his van.

As Jackson’s ‘Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough’ plays on the van stereo, customer Nichola Sullings joins Adam in spinning rowdily before he takes her hand and twirls her around.

Mid dance, the postie hands her a package and the flouncing pair continue showing off moves until he is back in his Royal Mail vehicle.

Viewers, majority of whom are females, wished other postmen are as much fun and are raving Adam’s performance.

Kathryn Lawrence wrote: “Can’t stop watching this!! Well done that man. You would make my day if you turned up at my work and did this!!! Lol x”

Lisa Watson said: “Wish he worked at our office” while Melanie Micklethwaite said: “Lush xx the last postman I saw had a fag in his mouth.

I’d rather have you dance on my door step. Xxxx”

“It all started one day when I had the stereo on in the van and was moving a bit.

Nichola started dancing, so I danced with her and now we do it every day”, Adam relates of his surprising way of delivering mails.

Adam whose been practicing his moonwalk said he has always been an extrovert and have been dancing while delivering for months now.

“I worked as a barman for a long time and I had one manager who paid me extra to get up and dance free style on the bar for half an hour.

Being a postman is a good job, going out and about meeting people and getting some exercise and dancing is just having a bit of fun that brightens up people’s day.

My moves are not bad but I am not sure I can pull off a proper moonwalk yet”, he adds.

Adam said that the response from women to the 40-second clip captured by a workmate had been “flattering” and that his fiancee Amy Scott was “seeing the funny side”.

The funny thing is that I have never spoken to Nichola properly. We just have a quick little boogie and then she takes the mail off me.”, he said.

Nichola, 57, of Exeter, said that she relies on Adam for her “daily exercise” and all of her friends and colleagues are jealous of her “great postie”.

She said: “I tell them that I am just going out to dance with my postman but none of them believed me until the video.
“I am a very happy person who laughs a lot anyway. When Adam delivers my parcels, I dance out to meet him and it is one of the highlights of my day.”

Royal Mail spokeswoman Val Bodden said: “Adam is a great entertainer, who brightens up our customers’ day as he delivers their mail.

As well as putting a smile on people’s face. He is a hard worker who is good at his job.

It is a pleasure to have him working for us.”

Well done Adam! Keep on sharing good vibes and having fun!

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