10 of the Probable Reasons Why People Commits a Crime

10 of the Probable Reasons Why People Commits a Crime

Crime is a terminology which pertains to wrong doings or misconduct prohibited by the Law. It is certainly among the list of world’s most well-known social dilemmas and basically one of the topics that interest almost everybody to some extent. Criminal behaviors are a matter of personal choice. Almost all of the criminal offenses these days are generally out of poverty, anger and vengeance or revenge. Most of the reported crimes are committed by a specific person due to the fact that he hates a person that would possibly lead him to kill or perhaps do any harm to a fellow man. In some other cases, people performs wrongdoings because of their anger, they cannot avoid themselves from hurting someone especially if they were hurt also.

Furthermore, poverty triggers crimes because a starving person would do anything just to provide food to their stomach, you can observe that in 3rd world countries, because people are battling so hard and struggling to live for their lives. As we may all know, there is an underlying cause behind everything. Have you ever wonder what might be the possible reasons that could actually explain why a specific person commits a crime?

Listed below are top 10 lists of the probable reasons that trigger the potential criminal activities of a person.

1 – Family background

Family has been regarded as being the most influential part on a person’s character and individuality. Children who are being ignored, mistreated, abandoned and brought up within a dysfunctional family are more likely to commit criminal activities later in his/her lifetime as compared to those who are being loved unconditionally and was raised well by their parents.

2 – Morality

Persons with high religious values and beliefs have little tendency to do criminal acts. They know how to distinguish right from wrong and the fear of sinning hinders them to indulge in these offenses.

3 – Peer pressure/Influence of Friends

Our circle of friends whether we like it or not have an impact on our way of life. We actually grow and learn from them. It is merely a human instinct to be controlled by other people in our own age bracket. Sad to say, peers can influence our actions in a negative way. One example would be to do involve in the so-called “gangs” just to fit in and to be accepted.

4 – Poverty

Being deprived of material things, poverty and having a low income are often held accountable for ultimately causing crime. However, something is more important- society attacks all of us with commercial values- causing each one of us to desire a lot more material things, to the extent that some people would do almost anything including criminal acts just to have them.

5 – Little or no Education

Majority of the convicted criminals in almost any country are recognized to either have little or no education and training at all. And in modern times, individuals who don’t have any schooling, experienced difficulties in searching for employment and just in case these people find anything, it actually doesn’t compensate enough to have a comfortable lifestyle.

6 – Alcohol and Drugs

This is another undeniable cause of crime in our society. Both alcohol and drugs impair one’s judgment and greatly reduce self-consciousness allowing a person to have the guts to commit an offense. It has been proven that most of the criminals are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

7 – Media

Media impacts the way we behave and think. It has an intense influence on how the audience acts. Programs being aired on Televisions, movies, print materials, internet, music industry, etc often showcase violence and thus may result in crimes. People today should be cautious to reduce the negative effects of media by being responsible to oneself and to others, particularly the youth who happens to be the targets.

8 – Accessibility to Harmful weapons

Easy access to guns and other deadly weapons has significantly contributed to the crimes in our society. Nowadays, these firearms are readily available and obtainable by anyone.

9 – Recession

The rising unemployment rate may result in much more desperate individuals who end up committing crime in order to acquire money.

10 – Ecological/Hot Weather

Scientific studies and researches have indicated that hot temperatures maximize aggression hormones such as testosterone and epinephrine. It then tends to aggravate the occurrence of violent crimes.

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