13 common yet confusing words that women say that men always misunderstand

13 common yet confusing words that women say that men always misunderstand

What’s the most confusing and hard to understand the language in the world? If you think it’s the language of the Germans, French, Korean or the Chinese, you are dead wrong!

According to numerous studies (mostly composed of men), the most difficult language to understand is the language of the WOMEN. It doesn’t matter if she speaks English, British, Spanish or any other language, most men finds it hard to truly understand the women’s language.

Decoding the women’s language is not easy. What they say is sometimes the exact opposite of what they really wanted you to do or hear. Some even compares the women language as a riddle and if you fail to answer or respond to it correctly, you are doomed!

Below are some of the most confusing words of women that men must know to prevent unwanted misunderstandings that can result into chaos!

Man Woman Argument


When a woman says NOTHING, it’s really SOMETHING and you have to figure it out quick! This is where mind and body language reading should take place.

Do I look fat in this?

Don’t ever respond to this question with a YES! If you translate this question into something more easy to understand, it would be “Do you think I’m ugly”. So instead saying YES or a senseless NO, tell your girl that she looks great in whatever every outfit she chose to wear.

Go ahead!

No, this is not a permission to do whatever it is you wanted to do. Actually, it’s a dare and if you do it, you are in a serious trouble! Again, this is not a go signal or a granted permission.


No means no. No further talks, arguments whatsoever. Just practice few minutes of silence.


When women say yes, sometimes it’s a no. Again, you have to use your good mind and body language reading skills to determine what the real YES is and what the sarcastic YES is.


If a woman says MAYBE, 95% of it is a NO and only 5% is yes. Play by the numbers game and yeah, maybe = no.


This means that the talk and the argument are all over and you ultimately lost the battle. Also, if women say FINE in the middle of a heated argument, just walk away but expect to hear about it an hour later.

Talking Couple

It’s okay

Just like the word FINE, it’s okay mean’s it’s not okay.  In the end, you, the man is still the loser.

It’s up to you

This one sounds like you are given the freedom to choose whatever you like or wanted to do. Again, dead wrong! If we will translate this words into its true meaning, it will certainly say that it’s up to you BUT better choose the one that I wanted you to choose.

5 minutes

The time of the women is different from the time of the men. If a girl says “5 more minutes” while she is dressing up, it can mean 30-40 minutes.  This is enough time for you to catch your favorite TV show, pop a bottle or beer or something while waiting. And oh, don’t hurry her up or you’ll end up waiting for an hour or so.


Just like the word fine, this word is often used by women who wanted to end an argument or a heated conversation.  Sometimes, they also say this to let you know that they are not interested in the words that are coming out from your mouth.

We can go anywhere you want

Well, this sentence could mean a lot of thing. But one thing is for sure, you better bring her to a place that she would like, or else!

In most cases this means “You had better choose my favorite restaurant”.

We need to talk

Don’t say a word. She already decided your fate and you’re dead!


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