10 of the Amazingly Stupid Stunts

10 of the Amazingly Stupid Stunts

Throughout history there have been some stunts performed. It goes without saying that most of them carry a high level of threat and danger to the participants involved. The high risk that goes with stunts often makes them ill thought out and….well, lets just say stupid!

Here at Always10, we will aknowledge those who don’t know where the “line in the sand” is, compiled in a top 10 list of Stupidly Amazing Stunts that you just have to know about!

10 – Ryan Cape 390’4″ Motorcycle Jump

Previously called “The King Of Distance Jumping” by Evil Knievel himself, Ryan Cape took it upon himself to jump 400 feet on his motorcycle! Quarter of a mile of asphalt was laid out so Cape could attempt the jump and gain the required speed for lift off. The crazy attempt fell just ten feet short of 400 but the utter size of the jump cannot be underestimated. Capes jumped way over the size of a football pitch which is just unbelievable.

9 – Sebastian Faucon Millennium Stadium Jump

Parkour GuruSebFaucon had the “idea” to jump across the Millennium Stadium roof as it opened from the middle outwards….recipe for failure? No, the possibility of the plummet below should the stunt have failed did not phase Faucon in the slightest. Any slip up and he would have fallen to an inevitable death, however, the guy nailed the jump and lives to tell the tail.

8 – Niagra Falls Barrel Run

On October 24, 1901, 63 year old Mrs. Annie Taylor, decided that a trip over Niagara Falls was the best way to make a name for herself. The stunt would bring her fame….if she survived the fall! Taking her trusty cat with her, Taylor was swept over the edge of the falls in a barrel and amazingly managed to survive the drop! Crazy eh?

7 – Paddling Pool Dive

There are plenty of things you can do in a paddling pool right? Diving from a metal structure of 2 stories height into one probably isn’t the best idea, not to mention that the depth of the pool is only 1 foot. Taking the possibility of a shattered spine and the risk of fatal injury you would have thought nobody would try. Oh no…Darren Taylor, otherwise known as “Professor Splash” decided to take the dive…well it was more of a belly flop to be honest!

6 – Twin Towers Tight Rope Walk

French tightrope walker Phillipe Petit made his name by taking a walk of faith out onto a wire that was attached between the Twin Towers, Manhattan. The Frenchman was out on the rope for a total of 45 minutes and made a total of 8 crossing between buildings…as if 1 wasn’t enough! The walk was made unassisted and was over quarter of a mile above the city below. The highly illegal stunt got Petit arrested as soon as he stepped off the wire after he had taunted officers who were trying to take him off the wire.

5 – Randy Dickinson Dive

American high diver Randy Dickinson surpassed new heights on April 7th 1984 when he left from a diving platform at the King Park, Hong Kong. The jump was from a record 174 feet and broke world records at the time. Also jumping with Dickinson was Lucy Wardle who jumped 120 feet; a record which still stands strong today!

4 – Backwards Road Cycle (50mph)

Norwegian stuntman EskilRonningsbakken rode his bike backwards down the Trollstigen or “Trolls’ Path”, a windy road in Norway which curves its way down the side of an 800m mountain. The Mountain which is hard enough for a car to navigate (let alone a backwards cyclist), still had other drivers making their way along its roads with no knowledge of his little jolly! Luckily Ronningsbakken was not hit and did not tumble off the side of the mountain although it might be easier for him to face forwards next time he saddles up down the mountain!

3 – Motocross propelled MTB Jump

Mountain bike junkie Jason Rennie set out to break the world record for the longest distance jumped on an MTB. However, this would be no ordinary jump to take part in…Jason intended to be towed by a motocross bike at a speed of 83mph so he could gather enough speed to make the jump. Any fall on his bike and the daredevil would surely have caused serious injury to himself! In the end the jump went well and Jason managed a convincing 134 foot jump.

2 – Red Bull Rampage

Every year Red Bull put on an adrenaline fuelled MTB trials event on the side of a mountain somewhere in the wilderness where only the toughest and craziest riders would ever attempt to event ride a bike, (let alone throwing a couple of flips in the air as well). With such prizes on offer though, the high risk of the activities seem to go straight out of the window. One rider tore his mountain bike jacket top to bottom on a jagged rock, just missing his face! With such dangerous terrain there are bound to be some crashes right?? Some much worse than others…

1 – 103 Paintballs To The Body

The group called “Dirty Sanchez”, (who probably do worse things than Jackass) took it upon themselves to splat one of their members with paintballs from close range. Paintballs leave a bruise at the best of times but the victim was bare bodied and standing less than 5 meters away from the guns! Be warned, these are professional stunt men but there is no hiding from the stupidity of the activity. Be warned the video included may cause offense to some viewers…let’s be honest, it must have been hard not to curse at the end of such a pelting!

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