Watch: Supermarket’s Christmas Ad about Old Father’s “Funeral”

Watch: Supermarket’s Christmas Ad about Old Father’s “Funeral”

With the Christmas season coming up, we see a lot of ads popping up across various platforms.

Most of these are feel-good ads that remind us of the joy of Christmas; thus, when a German supermarket released a rather bitter-sweet ad, it drew mixed reactions on social media but went viral, nonetheless.

In this ad by German grocery chain Edeka, an old man could be see puttering around the house by himself, preparing for a Christmas dinner with his kids and their families yet one by one they call or message to tell him they could not come for various reasons – but will try to do so the following year.

As the ad continues, viewers find the old man still lonely – sitting at the same spot at the dining table, eating by himself year after year (implied by the changing Christmas tree décor, food, and the old man’s appearance/clothes).

Considering that he is quite advanced in age, he knew that he wouldn’t have a very long time on Earth and might not last until the next Christmases to come.

So, this lonely father devised a plan that involved his tragic death. Well, it was not really a real death but his children were all sent messages of his demise.

They wouldn’t go home for a Christmas dinner with their father but no matter where they were in the world, they quickly flew home to attend his funeral.

After all, that would surely be the last time they could ever see him ever again – they surely wouldn’t miss that for the world!

As luck would have it (or the ad director’s order, of course), they arrived together and glumly went inside their father’s lonesome abode but the house was quiet and there was no coffin around.

Where was the wake and where are the mourners?

They were surprised to find the dining table set for a meal, with a Christmas tree right beside it.

Out came an old man from the kitchen – it was the lonely father! With a shrug, he told them, “How else could I have brought you all together? Mmmhh?”

After some tearful but happy hugs, the family had a wonderful feast on that Christmas table prepared by their loving father.

Now, while most netizens saw the positive message from the ad, a number think the story was too much.

Some think that the ad was not heartwarming at all because the father lied to his children and that this was actually “emotional blackmail”.

Still, those who were touched by the ad said that it reminded them that life was short and that they should spend more time with the people who matter most to them before they are gone forever…
What do you think?

(via DW)

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