Touching Photo of Loving Husband Taking Care of Wife with Dementia Earns Praise

Touching Photo of Loving Husband Taking Care of Wife with Dementia Earns Praise

Dementia is a serious condition that leads to memory loss and serious mental decline. The condition does not just stop with the patient becoming forgetful but could also lead senility wherein he/she might regress and become like an adult-sized version of a toddler.

Sadly, people with dementia lose their memories and their grasp in life as an adult; that could lead to broken relationships with their spouses or partners.

Not everyone wants to stay and care for someone with dementia, even though they might have promised to love their spouse until ‘death do us part’!

So, when Kelli Taylor posted a sweet photo of her parents cuddling on an armchair, revealing that her mom has dementia and her dad did not just stick around but also became her full-time caregiver, a lot of people praised him.

Photo credit: @keenertaylor / Twitter

According to Kelli, her parents, Stan and Phyllis, had been married for 34 years. Sadly, her mother was diagnosed with young onset dementia about 5 years ago; at the time, her mother was still 53 years old.

Instead of turning his back on his wife and finding another woman, Stan did everything as he promised Phyllis from day one: he was with her through sickness and health.

And he declared that whether Phyllis will be here for 2 years or 20 years, he will care for her the best he could.

Since caring for his wife required every ounce of energy he has and every single penny he could ever earn, Stan has asked help from netizens through a GoFundMe account.

So far, the campaign has surpassed its initial goal of $13,000, receiving at least $19,250 after Kelli posted that sweet photo of his mom and dad, cuddling on that cozy chair in their living room.

My parents have been married for 34 years. My mom is in the final stages of young onset dementia (diagnosed 5 years ago at 53). My dad cares for her full-time. She doesn’t always remember his name but she knows she is safe with him. If that’s not true love, I don’t know what is,” Kelli wrote.

Many netizens also shared their own stories of love and devotion, commenting that they were truly touched by this beautiful photo.

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