Watch: Moment of kindness brings subway flower vendor to tears

Watch: Moment of kindness brings subway flower vendor to tears

Kindness is a natural aspect of humanity.

It is a universal language that even blind and deaf can hear and see. It allows us to show compassion to ourselves and more importantly towards others.

Being kind is the foundation of love. Thus, it is everything in life.

Nowadays, act of kindness is seldom expected from people. It is somehow diminished as human raise evolve.

But surprisingly, out of the blue we do witness these little things that can warm anyone hearts and inspires other people. Perhaps humanity still has hope.

An example of this is a video previously recorded two years ago thru a mobile phone on the 6 train in New York City just recently went viral.

The video captioned “Miracle on the 6 train today” was previously posted on Youtube around June 2013 and was only noticed when posted on Reddit.

It is now viewed 11 million online.

In the video a woman is selling flowers on a train.

A sharply suited man approaches her and asks about her flowers.

She said a dollar for a rose. At first, it seems the stranger is about to negotiate for a discount if he’ll buy a bunch.

The vendor then offered, “Okay, if you want 15 roses it would be 14 dollars. You can have 1 as free”.

But then surprisingly, the man asks for the whole bunch and gave a counter offer of 140 dollars for all of her roses. The woman seems not to believe it.

The man then gave her 140 dollars cash outright.

What’s more shocking though is that he’ll not be getting the roses. The rose should be given out to anyone.

The man says, “You gotta do me a favor. You have to give them out. Just give them out”. “Don’t sell them. Give them out”, the man adds.

Upon hearing this, the woman became emotional but the kind man then consoles her saying “Don’t be like that it’s a happy day. Just promise me to give them out”.

Then after a handshake, off the train the mystery man goes leaving a stunned vendor and other passengers on the train.

Still stunned and with a tearful face the woman then said,”For anybody who wants a rose come and get one”.

“Free roses!” she shouts.

Here’s the original video posted by Maria Lopez on Facebook:

I can't believe I filmed this on train!!
Just saw it again and had to repost…

Posted by Maria Lopez on Saturday, April 18, 2015

Wow! That was surreal and unbelievable. We need more people like him guys!

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